Jim Horton, P.E.

Jim Horton, P.E., Chair of the Foundation

“I hold every man a debtor to his profession …

…..from the which as men of course do seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavour themselves by way of amends to be a help and ornament thereunto.”

           Sir Francis Bacon, English Lawyer and Champion of Modern Science, 1561 – 1626


The Foundation year 2012 -2013 continued to see progress. The year began by welcoming new Trustees, Judy Hayden and Bob Higgins. In addition, Kelcia Mazana began her term as the Trustee Designated by SWE.

In the budgeting process, the Trustees continued to promote growth. When compared to the previous year, Revenue was budgeted approximately $14,000 higher at $79,000 and Expenses were budgeted approximately $13,000 higher, at $78,500. The result of this created a positive net for operations of approximately $500, but with a goal of growing the Foundation Funds by $25,000 when the impact of the Foundation investments is considered. Through 10 months of the fiscal year, revenues are lagging behind the budget while expenses are projected to be less than the budgeted amount. However, due to the performance of the investment market, I am hopeful that the net contributions to the Fund will exceed the budget. A key component of the budgeting process was the expansion of the Scholarship Program to include two funded scholarships for FELI at $4,000 each. In addition, during the year, the Board approved a sponsorship of the Astronaut Challenge.

Efforts continued to make the Foundaton more visable. An ad hoc group meet regularly by phone to provide focus on the website. In May, the decision was made to change the web template order to make our website more flexible.

The Nominating Committee recommended that the Board of Trustees consider several considerations relative to the Officer positions. A task force is being convined to consider these recommendations. In additon, FES and FICE has invited FEF to be part of a fund raising initiative with an outside consultant. A task force is also being formed in for this consideration.

In summary, I believe the Foundation has met our core goals for the year:

  • The funding of scholarships – $38,000 total this year
  • Supporting MATHCOUNTS by providing funds and handling the pass through donations
  • Continuing our partnerships with ASCE, FEEC and Water for People
  • Supporting student chapter activities at eight univeristies.
  • Increasing the total Foundation funds year over year

I thank the Trustees for their tireless effort on behalf of the Foundation. Thanks also to Angelina Fairchild and John Atz and Kimley-Horn for arranging and underwriting the cost of the Board telephone meetings. Thank you to the FES/FICE Boards, whose staff provides support to the Foundation without remuneration. Thank you to our members whose memberships allow us to fund scholarships and support engineering programs. Please continue your membership and consider increasing your pledge.

I look forward to the challenge of the coming year. We can continue to build on the foundation laid during the past year. A warm welcome to our new Trustee, Terry Hoover.

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